Our mission is simple - to protect, prevent and provide. 

We are three students who started up Period. in February 2020 as a part of our involvement in the Lion Foundation's Young Enterprise Scheme. We wanted to create a product that helped people and the environment, and was something that we could all get excited about and involved in. After lots of discussion, the idea for Period. popped up, and we knew it was the way we wanted to go. 

Period. is a company which produces handmade, carefully crafted wallets made of 100% repurposed sanitary pad wrappers. We have committed to use our profits from these sales to purchase sanitary products which will be provided to women who otherwise could not afford them. In doing so, we hope that these wallets will help open up conversations about menstruation and period poverty, and contribute toward the eradication of the stigma surrounding periods. 

We want to protect the environment by minimising the amount of waste as a result of the usage of sanitary products. Currently, there is a total of 3.2 million kilograms of waste each year from these products alone. Materials, like the wrappers of sanitary products, that are made from plastics, take 500 years to decompose, and are often disposed of in irresponsible ways that lead to the spread of chemicals which endanger our environment. We want this to change. By using sanitary wrappers to make a sustainable, reusable, long-lasting wallets, rather than simply throwing them away, we are taking the small step of change that will contribute towards a cleaner, safer environment for all. 

As a result of social and cultural norms, menstruation is seen as a taboo subject - where women are made to feel ashamed and embarrassed about a bodily function which they have absolutely no control over. “Someone’s on their period”, “It must be that time of the month” are comments made to shame and contribute towards negative stereotypes about menstruating women. Period stigma is everywhere, from the classroom or office where you have to strategically grab a tampon from your bag before rushing off to the bathroom, or the public toilet where you try to rip your pad as quietly as possible with fear of the person in the next stall knowing what you’re doing. This embarrassment is unnecessary and needs to be prevented. The usage and production of our wallets helps open up conversations about periods. By promoting safe menstrual hygiene and creating a product which is dependent upon women's cycles and consumption of sanitary products, we will show women that this bodily function is nothing they need to be ashamed of and which they deserve to experience with safety and dignity. 

Over half of all women and girls in New Zealand have found it hard to access sanitary products at some time in their lives as a result of cost.  1 in 5 have had to miss school or work due to inability to access sanitary wear. From here, people have to respond by using newspapers, toilet paper, plastic bags, socks, clothes, rags and cardboard. This can lead to serious health issues, and needless to say, is extremely uncomfortable. Everyone should be provided these necessities, regardless of income or situation. The profits from our wallets will be used to purchase sanitary products for individuals who otherwise would not have easy access to them. By making the sales of our product a tool to help provide sanitary products to those who need but can't easily buy them, we will help spread awareness of the prevalent issue of period poverty and actively work to combat it. 

Together, we can protect the environment, prevent the stigma, and provide sanitary products. We'd be stoked if you'd join us in our journey. 


As a business, we aim to be as transparent and open for discussion as possible. If you've got any questions, suggestions, contributions, or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out.

Instagram - @_period.1

Email - nz.period@gmail.com